Products / Solutions

Mobile solutions for hospitality

Software solution used to provide excellent communication between waiters, guests, bar and kitchen in a hospitality facility, orders are made by use of hand device as Pocket PC or Tablet PC.

Every segment of this system enables faster and more profitable working that results in better service, elimination of errors and abuse of position, implementation of a HACCP system, detailed reports and assets management.

Software for budget allocations and human resources

Main use in corporations that are managing multiple projects simultaneously and NGOs that collaborate with multiple organizations or other NGOs.

Enables working with multiple modules and different user privileges for buget creation and allocation, cost management, records of bank transfers, currency exchange, periods and phases creation etc.

Information system for creation and evidence of Casco policies and AO+ for insurance companies

Information system used by all insurance company employees (agents and managers)for creation and evidence of casco and AO+ policies.

The application with the main databse is implemented on server that is accessed via Internet by all company's users.

Web application for insurence policies in insurance branches office

Web application used for internal work by insuarance company's agents and managers for evidence of their work and policies for all types of insurance.

Usage of this application enables users to enter information about the insuree, policy parameters (policy #, payment mode, scadenza etc), based on which are generated different statictical and financial reports together with the payment mode.

Web-based software solution for medical work

Intranet software solution for medical working that enables: evidence of patients' medical record, computer evidence of treatments/examinations, system for making appointment for treatments/examinations, communication between personnel for better treatment control and etc.

It can be used as individual and network solution in: private ordinations, centers for alternative medicine, beauty centers etc.

Interactive portal (social network) for pastry in Macedonia –

First specialized directory and social network of Macedonia's pastry industry -presents a database of the pastry industry in Macedonia, rappresented by professionals and amateurs who by creating personal profiles, media materials and recipes present their work. Members are devided in few groups with different privileges and profiles. is connected with major social netwoks (Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin) and offers chat system for better communication between all members, possibility to leave comments, share content, voting and rating system etc.

Sport betting web solutions

Enables preview by ligue and sports/matches, creation of ticket, preview and tracking of tickets.
It's composed of 3 modules with different user access:administrator,operator and public module. All modules have different privileges and functions according to the needs.
Presents web solution than can be used for fun and for prize competitions via SMS and club cards.